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Top 20 REASONS Blue Ivy is considered one of THE BEST Wedding Planners in the Country!


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Lets start by mentioning that Blue Ivy was chosen as TOP 25 Wedding Planners Abroad Worldwide via Conde Nast BRIDES MAGAZINE 2011 and we are the only ones representing the United States out of the 25 - representing Miami & Boston (everyone else chosen was out of the country). We are a GRACE ORMONDE Platinum Vendor as well, representing the categories of Wedding Planning and Event Design/Production. We have of course been featured in top wedding magazines, blogs and invited by many top PR firms to explore venues all over the country and internationally.


As for our services, our brand and our approach – whatʼs the BIG difference? Where to begin!


Please find a list below of the TOP 20 facts to note about Blue Ivy and itʼs unique wedding planning streak:


1) Allow Blue Ivy to start by expressing that our services are wholeheartedly approached with a familial method, treating each client like a brother and sister, like a true family member, speaking with them with a standard of professionalism, but with a warmth that enables them to open up and feel extremely comfortable enough in order to trust in us to have serious conversations communicated in confidence. We emphasize this because this is often one of the main reasons we are hired. The owner, a girly girl, with a fun sense of humor still acts as a fearless leader with strong project management, resourcefulness, tactfulness, and negotiation skills benefiting the client.


2) We offer the most comprehensive wedding planning options on the market enabling clients of all backgrounds, budgets, styles, and dream locations to work with us worldwide. We have a service for everyone and Veronica as the designer have a design palette to work with any form of vision vs branding our business to offer design in only one certain direction. To be clear - we offer over 20 wedding planning focused services.


3) We have a Wedding Planner as well as DAY OF Lead Managers + Assistants who are never outsourced and are hired in-house located in Vegas, LA, Boston covering all of New England, and Palm Beach covering all of South Florida, which allows us to guarantee excellent backup management in case of anything unfortunately problematic occiring with one of planners cross country. This strategy is due to Blue Ivy specializing in RISK MANAGEMENT which from the onset allows to offer peace of mind and a solid service that will never be substituted with an ASSISTANT, and instead we will fly one of our other planners to you should anything happen. Thatʼs our guarantee.


4) All wedding clients experience ONE POINT OF CONTACT the entire time up until the DAY OF. This means it's a well-invested relationship built to establish a thorough understanding of the client's entire wedding vision and budget parameters, as the one Planner assigned to you works throughout the entire wedding planning cycle vs. shifting you from one dept. to the next. Their Planner is assigned based on region, but the Founder, Veronica Alexandra, manages all wedding strategy and design on the backend leaving all clients quality controlled the entire time. New England + LA are Veronica Alexandra, Florida is Vanessa Isobel with Veronica as her Strategic Planner + Designer, Vegas + LA are Sara Carolina with Veronica as the strategic planner and designer.


5) Our hours are truly accommodating covering east coast and west coast simultaneously - our hours are: east coast 1pm - 10pm and west coast 10am - 8pm enabling clients to have late meetings on weekdays and by appointment only meetings on weekends.


6) Meetings are conducted any way that suits you. We are VERY flexible unlike many planners. With as many long distant and/or busy clients that we work with, we have implemented SKYPE as one of the most popular methods of dialogue for clients to work with us, however, we always offer in-person meetings, client-house meetings, and meetings at preferred locations of their choice anywhere 30 minutes from the prime city centers that we service from. Texting is also embraced which gives you more access to us than many of the Planners we are familiar with.


7) Destination Weddings are a focus we have been awarded for as specialists, which gives us the experience to work with any client locally, nationally, or internationally providing the best event planning process for any couple hosting out- of-town guests regardless of the location.8) We have an in-house well connected, award winning Honeymoon Destination Planner that is offered as an a la carte service, but it's a service we guarantee the best options for honeymooners-to-be, and it's a service that can be cross connected with our Destination Wedding Clients looking to get deals, and offer special group activities that we can organize in a much more cohesive, beneficial fashion.


8) Our clients benefit with our in-house graphic designer who can both create any type of design conceived by man, or any type of inspiration design found anywhere worldwide, allowing us to offer a better rate since it's not our prime business, yet it's a very critical component that we can help with since stationery wedding theme design is able to be started from the onset very early on, and "threaded" all the way through the wedding vision. The reason why this is SO special, is because we can turnaround designs in 24 hours and get anything [digitally] printed within 24 hours, although we can work with any type of printing process and have a solid connection for letterpress that is unbeatable nationwide, which again, is only beneficial for our clients. The rate? $500 flat for letterpress, including the paper - no profit to us. That's where we are generous.


9) We take NO CUTBACKS from any vendors ANYTIME. Never. This is a business ethic we standby as we are truly in the business of offering the best options for our couples giving them optimal planning benefits with expert advise and best rates possible for their favorite vendors the entire times.


10) Founded by a Harvard Graduate, Blue Ivy can be taken very serious and can show with the accolades behind us that the potential in providing platinum, enjoyable, responsible services throughout the planning process is solid and always the feeling our clients experience.


11) We are 5-star rated anywhere you find reviews. This has to do with the thorough planning approach in mind for every single couple we work with regardless of the service we are hired for. Let us reiterate that our services are WHOLEHEARTED.


12) We offer hands down the most thorough wedding planning agenda timeline in the country offering an agenda that is communicated within 25-35 pages long for every single wedding - customized for the wedding party, the wedding vendors, the venue, and the Blue Ivy staff. Vendors LOVE US due to the bullet proof- "no excuses" agenda that we offer each couple.


13) We have an in-house portrait painter who can paint weddings from portraits to wedding scenes for any couple before the wedding or after the wedding. The rate we offer our clients is very different than the rate we offer this service to a customer hiring our artist to paint a portrait who happens to not be a wedding client.


14) Our same in-house artist is offering only our clients a custom wedding painting guestbook that allows the guests to interact with a canvas painting creating a work of art for the wall that represents the couple. This is no guestbook thumbprint Etsy $80 print. This is a painting with a custom outline effect on canvas such that the guests paint within the lines and the image becomes alive once all of the lines are filled in. Each painting is customized based on personality elements of the couple. This is just an example of our creative forces offered to our full services clients.


15) We offer unlimited hours of planning and countless vendor resourcing until our clients book their "faves".  This service applied to all of our Full Service Clients as well as Starter Kit (Partial Planning in Bulk) Pacakge - so you will never experience additional surprise rates at the end of your planning cycle with Blue Ivy.


16) Each client has access to our private portal that shares all of the tools they will need in order to approach the next planning steps of their wedding, which they also receive their own wedding planning portal accessible only by them that allows them to keep on track with their wedding tasks, their timing, their budget, their guest count, their honeymoon plans, their seating chart and 10+ more features that make their wedding planning experience complete.


17) Very Important –> our designs –> we donʼt live on blogs copying the world of weddings displayed online, in fact, we stay far away from blogs, pinterests, newsletters, etc. when coming up with designs in order to be original. We highly emphasize this point because what make us one of the best in the world is our original trendsetting ideas, our deliverable, and our one of a kind weddings that we produce with strong themes behind them.  If our clients want to use pinterest as an inspiration = terrific, but we care to assure our clients that we can handle originallity as well - on their terms!


18) We are present at every wedding till the end of the event vs. leaving at a certain hour - even though we always start at least 3 hours before the ceremony begins if not earlier.


19) We are so fortunate to work with opulent and dreamy weddings, we believe that our Partial Wedding Planning packages should be a path for those who are seeking something else from a Planner.  Me made sure that our various offerings are absolutely competitive, keeping the couple in mind with what truly makes sense, enabling every couple from budget to riches to be able to gain expert guidance one way or another.  It's not about showing off all the time.  It's about being one with the community of who we really are.  Being one with each type of couple and their circumstances. Blue Ivy embraces the DIY Brides, the eccentric themes, the backyard casual wedding, the elopement apporach and all of the colorful ideas in between. Who says budget weddings couldn't be on the cover of a magazine.  This time it's not MONEY that talks - its the creativity that yells for attention.  With a smile.   


20) Did we mention that Blue Ivy has Beyonce and Jay-Z loving the name so much, that they named their daughter the same name as our company!? :) It failry safe to think this spirit of synchronicity speaks volumes about our level of trend setting creativity.

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